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Silver: intuitive, reflective and creative

By feebs-ks, Dec 16 2014 02:26PM

As I am primarily using silver in my jewellery, I thought it would be interesting to share a few thoughts about this amazing metal. Silver is mentioned in the bible, was an important currency in Roman times and was first called 'seolfor' by the Anglo Saxons. The Latin for ‘white’ and ‘shining’, argentum, gives us the chemical symbol Ag. It is the most reflective metal on earth.

Symbolically, silver is linked with the moon and the tides and emotionally, it is associated with intuition – it is reflective and sensitive, illuminating and creative.

Our silver standard of 925 means that 92.5 % of the silver is pure, with added alloys to make the metal harder. This is the metal used in the majority of my settings such as this purple pendant http://www.fionaingramjewellery.co.uk/shop/4586745591/purple-sea-sparkle-pendant/8854108

I also use fine silver - in the form of silver clay (silver particles in a binder that must be fired) - this contains 99.9% silver. This is great for moulding and texturing as in my ‘sound of the sea’ shell pendant www.fionaingramjewellery.co.uk/shop/4586745591/sound-of-the-sea-shell-pendant/8944018 or my ‘branching out’ earrings www.fionaingramjewellery.co.uk/shop/4586745591/branching-out-earrings/9145999

This will be my last blog before Christmas. Thank you so much to all those of you that have purchased items from my website - I have been so touched by the lovely feedback from you all.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Any UK orders received by 20th December should reach you for Christmas as this is the Royal Mail first class deadline.

Dec 16 2014 07:26PM by Sarah

Lovely blog and your jewellery is beautiful and unique. Good luck with your expanding business. Sarah x

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