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I'm really looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas as well as jewellery experiments good and bad in my blog! Creating is learning...

By feebs-ks, Jul 18 2016 09:23AM

I had an interesting experience at a market yesterday where I was selling my metal clay jewellery - a lady came up to my stall and said ‘I absolutely love this piece- but I don’t do mining’. I showed her my pot of metal clay and explained that this was metal clay and it had a large recycled element, but it struck me that I didn’t have a great response to the point she was making. So I decided to do a bit of research. I use Art Clay Silver for the majority of my work, so I decided to look at Aida Chemicals who produce it. I was really pleased to find that silver clay is produced from 100% recycled materials. Aida’s mission statement says ‘Aida has been recycling precious metals as a resource for production and as an alternative solution to exhausting naturally occurring mineral resources.’

I was initially surprised to find that most of the world’s silver is used in industrial applications rather than in the jewellery industry, so that explains why Art Clay Silver is refined and recycled from amongst other things photographic processing waste, printing by products as well as dental and medical waste.

And when we metal clay jewellery makers create something that goes wrong (which happens all too frequently I don’t mind admitting) - the absolutely best thing is that we can use it over and over again! Thank goodness for that….

By feebs-ks, Nov 18 2015 02:19PM

Wow! What a busy and exciting six months it's been - all starting with the big house move and the dismantling of my old workspace. After much decorating and setting up my new studio space is ready - and much more fit for purpose. Hurrah!

In June, I passed my Grade 1 Art Clay Diploma in Cornwall, ably assisted by Julia Rai at CSAJC and met some lovely friends and kindred spirits along the way. I have also registered my hallmark at the London Assay office, Goldsmith's Hall and will be hallmarking all my larger silver pieces from now on.

There are lots of new pieces on the website and will be adding more over the next few weeks. Anyone that would like to view in person, please use the web site contact page or pm me on my fionaingramjewellery facebook page.

For a general overview of my jewellery please do enjoy a browse for Christmas presents or give yourself a well earned treat! All items come packaged with a hand selected quotation and postage is free.

By feebs-ks, Dec 16 2014 02:26PM

As I am primarily using silver in my jewellery, I thought it would be interesting to share a few thoughts about this amazing metal. Silver is mentioned in the bible, was an important currency in Roman times and was first called 'seolfor' by the Anglo Saxons. The Latin for ‘white’ and ‘shining’, argentum, gives us the chemical symbol Ag. It is the most reflective metal on earth.

Symbolically, silver is linked with the moon and the tides and emotionally, it is associated with intuition – it is reflective and sensitive, illuminating and creative.

Our silver standard of 925 means that 92.5 % of the silver is pure, with added alloys to make the metal harder. This is the metal used in the majority of my settings such as this purple pendant http://www.fionaingramjewellery.co.uk/shop/4586745591/purple-sea-sparkle-pendant/8854108

I also use fine silver - in the form of silver clay (silver particles in a binder that must be fired) - this contains 99.9% silver. This is great for moulding and texturing as in my ‘sound of the sea’ shell pendant www.fionaingramjewellery.co.uk/shop/4586745591/sound-of-the-sea-shell-pendant/8944018 or my ‘branching out’ earrings www.fionaingramjewellery.co.uk/shop/4586745591/branching-out-earrings/9145999

This will be my last blog before Christmas. Thank you so much to all those of you that have purchased items from my website - I have been so touched by the lovely feedback from you all.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Any UK orders received by 20th December should reach you for Christmas as this is the Royal Mail first class deadline.

By feebs-ks, Dec 3 2014 02:16PM

It's been a great week at www.fionaingramjewellery.co.uk - my pieces have been finding their way all over the world. As well as to all the lovely clients in the UK, I have sent items to Hong Kong, Belgium, Italy and France! It can be daunting setting up a new business, but ‘mighty things from small beginnings grow’ - it's been really exciting.

I've been getting ready for Christmas sales this week and experimenting with the 'mokume gane' clay technique. In Japanese mokume gane literally means 'wood grain metal' and in metalwork the term describes the way that layers of different precious metals are pressed together to make beautiful patterns.

In the clay version, the process includes:

- stacking layers of contrasting colours

- impressing the stack with tools or found objects

- slicing thinly with a fine blade to produce fascinating layers of pattern

I spend hours finding sections to roll thinly and apply to my jewellery.

My favourite accidental phenomenon that uses built up layers is 'fordite' - a beautiful byproduct of layers of paint recycled from car factories and used in amazing pieces of jewellery - industrial and beautiful.

Slices of 'mokume gane' ready to apply to jewellery
Slices of 'mokume gane' ready to apply to jewellery
Layers of 'mokume gane' clay applied to a bronze ring
Layers of 'mokume gane' clay applied to a bronze ring
Pendant made from  'fordite' - recycled layers of paint from a car factory!
Pendant made from 'fordite' - recycled layers of paint from a car factory!

By feebs-ks, Nov 24 2014 12:26PM

...and welcome to my blog, a place to share ideas, thoughts and techniques related to my amazing creative journey.

It all started 15 years ago in Leicester when I enrolled on an evening class in silversmithing at De Montfort University. I was leading a big secondary school English Department then - and didn't have time to think, let alone create my jewellery pieces, but I was totally captivated.

Since then, I have read books on jewellery making techniques with a passion, set up a workshop at home and created jewellery pieces whenever my lovely children and/or my teaching and writing career would allow.

I've now decided to focus much more on my jewellery and have been getting properly 'skilled up' with tuition from Lisa Cain at the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery (thanks Lisa!) I love the elegance and purity of silver, bronze and copper, but I am also drawn to the almost infinite colour variations and effects achievable with polymer clay and resin.

I hope you enjoy looking at my website. If you are thinking about making a purchase, please remember

- there is not another one like it anywhere!

- I will package your pieces in pretty tissue paper and a gift box

- postage to the UK is first class and free (last recommended posting date is 20th December)

-I will be adding new items regularly and will be linking up to Facebook in the new year

Thanks for looking

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